MSR/Ph.D openings in my group at IIT Delhi for EE/CSE students.

I work in almost all areas of computer architecture and operating systems. I am actively looking for MS/Ph.D students for the coming semester. Some active projects .

1. Architectures for 5G, IoT, and wearable devices
2. Architectures for machine learning accelerators
3. Secure software for secure processors
4. Architectures for augmented and virtual reality
5. Secure web browsers, function-as-a-service based hybrid clouds
6. Secure hardware based on zero-knowledge proofs
7. Persistent memory-based HW design

New projects keep getting started based on students’ interests. Please mail your resume to [email protected] and apply formally on IIT Delhi’s site (submission site will open in March).

My minimum requirements will be a GATE score of at least 500 (or something equivalent). For example, if a student from an NIT has a CGPA of 8.5 but no GATE score, I am perfectly fine with that. However, the level should be above GATE score 500 (regardless of whether the student has written GATE or not). Note that these are my requirements (or rather my limitations as an advisor); IIT Delhi’s requirements are on the website. Please note: I am only looking at full-time candidates.

Students from foreign countries are most welcome to apply. We have a lot of fully-funded Ph.D positions for international students. They cover everything from tuition to boarding/lodging to medical expenses. To start with, please mail me your resume.